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  The Scenic Zone of Lake Jiunü Xianhu, as one of the important tourist zones of natural scenes in the city of Jincheng, is situated at the convergent point of River Qinhe and River Changhe, 30 km to the town of Jincheng in the east, 20 km to Yangcheng County in the west, and 7 km to Beiliu Town in the north (in this town there is a thermal power plant that ranks no. 1 in Asia).

   Lake Jiunü Xianhu has been named as such because of Jiunü Xiantai (one of the eight ancient scenic spots of Jincheng) and the lake formed by reserving the water of Yanghe Spring (the first big spring in Shanxi). Its main scene is the high gorge lake formed by blocking the water of River Qinhe with a big dam of a hydropower station. The lake surface is more than 10 km long, with a total area of 13 square kilometers.

  In the zone there are scenic spots everywhere you go. They include Jiunü Xiantai (the fairygirl’s platform), the Black Dragon Pool and other cultural sites, the streams and rocks where you can play, and the big dam and the railway bridge, etc. 

  When you go into these scenic spots, you can appreciate the clear blue water and precipitous rocks and obscure caves; you can listen to the legendary stories and enjoy the peaceful rural life---in a word, you can soothe your spirit and nourish your nature to forget all mundane cares.

  Lake Jiunü Xianhu is really a southern scene in the north, a fairyland in the human world.

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