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| Jintan Bridge
This is one of the railway bridges on the Hou-Yue Railway Line, which is a big artery of cargo transportation in the south of Shanxi Province, starting from Houma in Shanxi and reaching Yueshan in Henan Province. It is also connected with Tong-Pu Railway and Jiao-Zhi Railway.
| River Gelaohe
Gelao (His Excellency) denotes the chancellor Chen Tingjing, who was the teacher of the emperor Kangxi. Chen once came sightseeing here along this river, and later the river was named as such in memory of him.
| Duhe Dam

This big dam is the dam of the Duhe hydropower station, which was built with the approval of the State Council with an investment of 130,000,000 yuan. (In 1997 it was one of the 10 main construction projects in Jincheng.) The dam is 200 m long, with an utmost flood-discharge of 8,000 cubic meters per second. When the torrent is discharged, it spurts and forms great waterfalls, which are a grand sight.
| Tortoise Hill
Among the many steep hills there is a round one that is not big and high. What does it look like? Some friends may have detected this: Its like a tortoise! Yes, hence the name of this hill
| Zhang Family Courtyard
Its selection of the building site and its construction by the hill and water observed the principle of learning from the harmonious nature. It was built in the time of late Ming and early Qing; but the full name of the host cannot be traced now.
| Black Dragon Pool
The jar-like pool has water as black as ink, and its depth has not yet been measured so far. According to the old people living here, this pool has never gone dry although it sits among rocks.
| Dragon Cave
This name was written in a forceful style by the chancellor Chen Tingjing, when he once came here for sightseeing. 
| Jiun Xiantai
It is one of the eight ancient scenic spots of Yangcheng. Many poets and calligraphers in various historical periods have left their famous verses here. 
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