Tower of Imperial Hand-writings
Villa of the Golden Mean
House of the Academician
Stone Portal
Douzhuju Residence
Wenchang Tower
Tower of Rivers and Mountains
Cave of Fighters
Chunqiu Tower of General Guan
Xishanyuan Courtyard
Wanghe Pavillion
The Clan Temple
Yard of Young Ladies
Wanghe Pavillion
The Clan Temple
Ziyunqian Graveyard
Street of Ancient Culture
Housekeepers’ Yard
Studying Rooms
West Garden
Dictionary Museum
Rongshan’s House
Inspector’s House
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 Built in 1632 (the 5th year of Chongzhen of Ming) as a defence system to free the family from war turmoils. There was a time when 800 people and more of the Chen family clan took refuge and came to live here together. Because of the complete living facilities, they remain unharmed. This tall construction still stands having gone through the rain and wind of more than 400 hundred years---a miracle of Ming-Qing architecture!

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